Cotswold Raw

New range of raw dog food

Since 2014, Cotswold Raw have been working independently to develop and produce high-quality Biological Appropriate Raw Food (BARF) for dogs. Their raw mince and sausages are made in-house for complete transparency in the manufacturing process. All of their ingredients are British and sourced locally wherever possible.

"Here at Cotswold RAW we want what is best for our dogs. The result is a convenient solution for raw feeders and those making the switch from dry food with a product that not only tastes great, but is a complete and balanced meal in a convenient format."


80/20 Active Range

A complete natural raw diet for adult dogs. The 80/20 Active range is specially prepared to meet the nutritional requirements of an active working dog with 80% raw meat and bone and 20% fresh vegetables and natural herbal supplements. The Active range comes in both mince and sausage form.

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Puppy Range

A complete and natural dog food diet for growing, working puppies. Feeding the raw recipes provides all the nutrients that your puppy needs. The puppy range is based on the 80/20 recipe with the ideal energy density and calcium to phosphorous ratio for young puppies. A finer ground mince which also suits smaller breeds.


Butcher's Block Range

The Butcher's Block meals are a complementary feed made in the Cotswolds using fresh ingredients including raw meat, bone and offal. Formulated for working dogs, they should be fed as part of complete balanced diet or part of a supplement. 

Winner of the PATS 2021 best new product award. 


Bones & Treats

Raw treats are a fantastic way to support your dog's health in a way that matches their natural instinct. Not only do they provide your furry friend with key nutrients, but they also provide them with an outlet for their urge to chew and tear, helping maintain their dental health. From raw bones to meaty treats, their selection is sure to keep your dog happy and in good health.