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Our Pet Shop holds a huge range of pet products and accessories. These photographs show just a small range of what we stock (though what we have might be slightly different from when they were taken!)

Anything we don't stock we are happy to try and provide through our wholesalers.

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From food and chews to beds and toys, we sell everything a dog could need. With deliveries from several companies each week, our products are kept up to date, providing fresh and fun accessories for you and your furry friends to enjoy!


Our products include a wide range of cat supplies to suit all cats at any life stage. We stock a variety of foods, treats and other products to keep your feline friends happy.


We sell a variety of indoor bird feeds and equipment, including cages from Sky Pet Products. Bird treatments and vitamins can be found behind the counter so please ask a member of staff for assistance.

Rabbits, Guinea pigs & Hamsters

A selection of small animal food and accessories can be found in our store. We also sell locally grown, hay straw and wood shavings as well as handmade fabric cage accessories. 


We stock a range of reptile accessories, such as bulbs, heaters and vivarium decorations. We also have both live and frozen feed at competitive prices.


Wether you're keeping tropical or coldwater fish, we have a great range of products and accessories to choose from. We also sell food for outdoor ponds or lakes.


We have a range of feeds for chickens and ducks, as well as feeders and drinkers. Layers pellets, layers mash, mixed corn and chick crumb are sold as sack or loose by the kilo.

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